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Fall Reflector Safety

It’s that time of year again, when days get shorter and cooler, wetter months fall upon us and our comfy Fall wardrobes are pulled out of the closet. As we bundle up to keep warm with sweaters, scarves and cozy jackets, we rarely realize that much of our clothing is made up of darker colours and other muted shades.
With these Fall changes, we become less visible to drivers for many reasons including our wardrobes and the lack of visibility caused by poor weather conditions. Should you walk to work, the bus stop, school or even through the grocery store parking lot, consider the safety of yourself and your family. Make sure to stay visible by wearing a reflector. These simple devices don’t require batteries and simply clip onto your jacket, purse or backpack and make you visible nearly 6x further away than wearing white clothing.


Hibernate indoors next to a warm fire with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy the season knowing you’ll also be safe when you head outdoors wearing your black jacket. And your reflector.