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Halloween Safety

The excitement of Halloween is just around the corner. Children and their friends are all chatting about their wild and cool costume ideas. As you and your children plan out the best costumes with crazy wigs and wild make up, don’t forget about accessorizing for safety.

Glow sticks can be fun, but may not work with the amazing costume you’ve assembled. Flashlights and other LED lights also work well. Some of these devices are only visible from the front of the child, depending on how they are held or fastened. Our reflectors have been tested and are visible up to 820 feet away, which is much farther than many of these other devices. Other devices or reflectors may fail to make you visible when they get wet, which prevents them from reflecting properly. Our reflectors easily clip on and can be worn with one on the left hip and one on the right hip. Wearing reflectors in this fashion provides 360 degree visibility.

We are here to promote safety for children during this festive, fun time of year when kids are excited, full of energy (aka sugar), and darting about on Halloween night. Choose the item most suitable for your situation to keep your family safe while trick-or-treating and know the capabilities of the item you select. North America does not have standards for reflective products, meaning some poor quality products that barely reflect are allowed to be sold on store shelves. Products that meet European Union standards of reflectivity EN CE 88888 have been tested to provide a minimum of 450 feet.

Have fun and stay safe this Halloween!