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Stay bright at night

Night falls early these days, and the need for awareness on the roads is greater than ever. That’s why it is vital to take extra care and be at your brightest so you can boost your visibility in the face of dark nights, when rain and poor road conditions climb toward their peak.

Here are some general tips to help pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users deal with the shorter days:

  • Look twice, especially at intersections: drivers may have a hard time spotting you.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before you cross the road to be sure they see you.
  • Cross the road at designated crosswalks only; don’t dart across the road outside of intersections.
  • If you keep your cell phone in hand, use as a flashlight for more visibility. Otherwise, put your phone away.
  • Remove your earbuds. You need all your senses.
  • For cyclists: slow down, as it takes longer to stop in rainy weather.

Shine in the dark

According to ICBC’s website, 43 per cent of all crashes with pedestrians take place between October and January. In British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, 81 per cent of crashes happen at intersections.

Here are a few ideas to keep you bright at night:

  • Wear reflective clothing and accessories.
  • Add reflective stickers to your boots.
  • Attach a clip-on reflector to your purse or backpack.
  • Attach spoke clips to your bike and stickers to your bike helmet.
  • Clip a reflector to your coat zipper and pocket.
  • Attach a reflector to your stroller.
  • Clip a reflector wherever one can be visible and hang freely!

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