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Sugar skulls for Halloween

Skulls are one of the main symbols of the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, celebrated on November 2 as part of a three-day festival to honour the dead. October 31, Halloween, kicks off the celebration, and November 1, known as the Day of the Children (or the Innocents), marks the second day of the festival.

During these “days of the dead,” family and friends of the deceased will often create an altar to their loved one, placing on it candles, flowers and favourite foods to support their spiritual journey. The holiday is truly a celebration of the cycles of life.

Colourfully decorated sugar skulls represent the dead and the belief that death is not a final stage of life, but a step toward a higher level of consciousness.


With Halloween just around the corner, you can obtain your own sugar skulls in the tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead. It’s a great time to equip yourself and your trick-or-treater with a reflector so you will all shine bright as you go door-to-door at dusk and in the dark.

Available as a multi-colour or black and white clip-on reflector, the sugar skulls shine in the dark, making your child more visible and safer on the road.

Stylish, fun and practical, our personal safety reflectors are reflective up to 250 m (820 ft), 100% waterproof and reflective when wet.

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